Sunday, May 13, 2012

7 Months is too much to cover

While 7 months is way too much to cover, we’re going to attempt it by just throwing oodles of pictures.  If you have any questions about pictures, fill free to ask questions in the comments.  We’ll start off with one of the cuter pictures of our sweet girls and go from there…





  1. Yay! I can't believe you updated! That makes me so so happy. You have such beautiful girls, it was fun to see what Lily looks like these days. So might have even inspired me to get going on my own blog....Miss you tons!

  2. Yea, I finally get to see pictures! Brittney, you are positively GLOWING as a mama! You look beautiful and your girls do too! I have to get on blogs like yours when I get worried that there won't be any good girls for my boys to marry someday. :) (When I teach YW, it kind of freaks me out.) Anyways, miss you! Love seeing your cute family.